Gun Cleaning

CMR Sales Inc. has been supplying premium quality Crest Ultrasonic Firearm clean and lube systems for over 17 years. Due to an increasing demand for low cost full feature systems and given the fact that the Crest line uses expensive, advanced ultrasonic technology, and accessories we are offering the new, low cost HG575 and HG1875 systems. Sonic System Sales was formed to market and sell the new product.

The heart of the system is an imported ultrasonic tank that meets our strict standards of quality and power. These ultrasonic systems have been out in the gun cleaning market for 3 years and have an excellent track record for reliability and performance. They have the same process and use the same chemicals as the Crest commercial units.  

The tanks have a stainless steel skirt, powerful industrial transducers, stainless steel baskets oversized heaters for fast heat up, removable power cord, tank carry handles, and CE and UL rating.

This system, about 1/3-1/2 cost of a similar sized commercial system, was designed to meet the needs of the serious shooter and come with all the accessories and an ample supply of non ?hazardous almost odorless cleaner and lube. Please look at the spec. sheet or each system for a full description of kit content.

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